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Email to Fax Smartphone Pics

Though text documents comprise the majority of what you email to fax, there are other file formats that you can also fax to e-mail just as effectively by utilizing business PBX. Image files, for example. If you are a mobile agent working for a company with a variety of clients as regular clientele, it is possible to make great use of your smartphone by sending image file attachments to go with whatever you send by way of e-mail fax.

Smartphone cameras are reliable image capture tools. You can take snapshots of people, goods, event highlights, locations, and the like which you can present to clients as visual aids. Smartphone cam photo resolutions are high enough to be serviceable for publication and provide clear pictorial qualities for business viewing purposes. As image file attachments when you use online fax to email coworkers, contacts, or customers, smartphone cam snapshots offer excellent visual support for your sales pitch.

You will find particular photo opportunities that come by when in the process of undertaking business with suppliers and contacts. Such photo ops are perfect occasions where your smartphone camera becomes more than just a telecom tool. Check out such photo opportunities that could probably enable you to clinch a deal in the future:

• Real estate shots. Serendipity and mobility could be perfect picture-taking partners specially for real estate prospectors with smartphones and a great eye for potential real estate project sites. You realize extremely well as a real estate prospector that no amount of verbal description could match up to the power of images. Email to fax scenic shots of that prime location you are talking about and let your snapshots speak for themselves.

• On the spot product shots. Be the first to email to fax snapshots of new goods but to be released towards the general public. While everybody else eagerly awaits on-line and print product brochures that absolutely take longer to get released, you can snap away as the advance demo units arrive. How new merchandise appear will always be a big point of interest among end-user and business-to-business consumers. It would be like coming up with a scoop to be the first sales person to ever send customers a peek into new products whenever you send online fax to e mail them your dazzling smartphone cam snapshots.

• Money shot moments. Special events can sometimes be opportunities for usable things and incidents with much celebrity value in them. This may help promote products or services by way of casual visual endorsement opportunities. Snap away at that hot movie star wearing your brand and post it on social media. Needless to say, you don't need to be so intrusive as to behave like the paparazzi. Your smartphone could be used discreetly and without much fuss. When you have got the cash shot, fax to your social media admin straight away!

Be as smart as your smartphone when going about your company of selling products or services. Keep in mind that whatever your smartphone camera’s lens sees may be turned into anything profitable for you and the company you represent. Just make sure you do not forget to email to fax the picture.


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